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LOCAL RESTAURANTS - Your Chance To Be The Hero!

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There is no way that anyone, anywhere could have seen anything like this happening.  The virus climate that we are all going through right now, is a once in a lifetime thing.  And that will certainly be sufficient.

I'll get right to it.  Local bars and restaurants need you and me to be a hero right now.  With the closing down of sit down dining, the business model has changed for many of these small places. Big ones too.  Drive-Ins are still going strong and so is pick-up and delivery at many. So I say order today, and tomorrow and so on.  These are your friends and neighbors and they have their entire lives, and life savings in these great places.  And like an electric bolt strike, everything has temporarily changed in an instant.

We all have watched, and plunked down $15 or so to watch countless Disney, Marvel, and DC Comic movies.  We've sat there and cheered for a "Superhero" to save the world.  All of it fake. The characters, the story, the premise, the whole thing a fantasy.  Many have wondered what it would be like to fly, or lift a tank, or have superpowers.  Truth is, you do - right here - right now. 

This is very, very real. By you supporting these local eateries, you won't just lift a tank off the ground, you will lift the weight of the world off these good people.  And that's exactly what they need from us right now.  Make no mistake, right now they are carrying it around all day and night.  Tired by day, sleepless at night. The Joker and Thanos can wait.  These local restaurant owners can not.

Hey, we all gotta eat, so let's do this.  Drive in, pick up, and take out.  Let's step up. Time for all of us to be an honest to goodness Superhero!  The restaurant owners will never forget you did this!

Here's a link to the WQMX Facebook page - Huge list of places, and menus at the top

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