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WYNN - The Return of Sports?

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This week baseball returns to regular season play.  The NBA starts "pre-season" The NHL is ramping up, and the NFL camps start up  - in theory.  I like all these sports, I'm just wondering what they will look like this year.  I hope they all go well, and all stay healthy.

Starting with MLB.  They are very lucky in the fact that the game itself lends itself to our troubled times.  The game is somewhat socially distant by nature, and played in a huge expansive area.  No fans of course stinks, and the overall setting will feel very different. The game is still the hardest game in the world, you still have to hit a 100MPH ball and try to catch it. If players stay healthy, things should be relatively OK. (Big IF)  Not optimal, but OK.  But injuries and health, and some of the games biggest stars opting out will hurt. But the game should be decent to watch on TV.

The NBA, I have no idea how this is going to work out.  I do have this sense that it will be an even more amplified version of itself.  My feeling is if you shoot well, you'll do well. The current NBA has no real interest in playing defense in regular times. Here, I think it's gonna be shoot, and ..shoot.  Running and shooting the ball. I do not see fighting on the boards or tight D, with guys hanging on each other.  Will they wear more clothing?  T-shirts?  The sweat, the physical exposure, this is gonna be tough. Games will be even more high scoring than normal. I'm not so sure how fun it will be to watch after the initial splash.

The NHL  should be fun because there is only one way to play hockey. Fast.  The players are all geared up too in very heavy equipment with minimal exposure.  Plus hockey players are very energized and they will have center stage with thier postseason. Hockey, true no fans, but they will put on a product that will film well on TV. I think Hockey comes in second, maybe even rivals MLB for being the most successful. PLUS, what sport has a better post season than Hockey?  None!

Football in general I think has the most problems, whether its the NFL or college.  The game itself is predicated on physical contact more than any other, in every way.  The ultimate goal of course is NOT to have contact when you have  the ball. Guess what? That happens to a couple guys a few times a game. EVERY play is EVERY one ENGAGED in huge contact. We are in very strange period of time when no one is supposed to touch anyone.

Think about this. A center, gets sick, and now about 80% of everyone in the game has been exposed on both teams, except for a lucky few many yards away from the line of scrimmage. And everyone in the huddle has been exposed too.  This is not a knock on centers, say a guard, or tackle, or tight end. Same problem.  Oh yeah, half the officials too. This is going to be very tricky.  Plus, the atmosphere is the game, no fans really hurts football.

Hey, I love sports and miss them. And I hope that they all can get going, figure this out and bring us something we all need.  Normal.

It will be a huge shot in the arm, when we are all waiting on, well, the huge shot in the arm.

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