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You know, as lousy as this whole few months has been for about all of us in one way or another, there have been some success stories. And one of them, is a passion of mine, and that's golf.  And this is an industry that needed some really good news.

Golf is a game I feel everyone should learn to play, and not because I like it.  There are a few great reasons.  One, it gets you outside. Two, you golf with your best friends.  And three, golf is about the only game you can play your entire life.  That was the reason my dad taught me to play, and those are the words he said to me.  You can also take it up at any age. Golf is waiting for you. 

Golf is the only game that the ball is never moving when you play it. It's the only game that you cannot win, only play. There has never been an 18 scored on a course, so the course always wins. You can play it by yourself.  You will see something you have never seen before virtually every time you play.  You will build great friendships playing.  You can meet great people while playing, or going to the driving range.  The benefits are endless.

I have many friends in the golf industry, and they all have told me the past few years have not been kind to golf. And it's not the games fault.  People are different. Many are simply tech junkies now, if it's on a screen they love it, if not, they don't.  Many don't have the time to play or the attention span. Others lack the patience needed, as it is a game that takes time to learn to play well.  And some, it's just not exciting enough. 

Well, with the slowdown, many people were looking for something outside to do. Golf - BOOM!  The original social distanced game without question.  Many people took up the game, and like it. Many rediscovered the game, some played more, and some have had to admit they were wrong, and golf really is a great thing to do.  In fact, over 11 MILLION MORE rounds of golf were played this season than last.  And suddenly golf is back.

You Don't Have To Be Good To Play


There are new things that courses have done too. At Chippewa in Doylestown, they have the new Finn Cycles if you want instead of a cart. Pretty fun as I tried one out.  Also, they, and some other courses have installed GPS on carts to aid your game.  Many places now have carts that have USB ports to charge up, and courses overall have loosened some dress code rules.  Although I still think that the game deserves nice clothes and collared shirts.  Plus, many are offering good deals at various times of the day.

Finn Cycles !  Fun !

cip finn

I'm glad for the boost to golf.  Learn to play. It teaches so much.  As much as I love the actual game, my favorite thing about golf is the time spent with my best friends on earth - every time!   Many good things can happen on a golf course with your friends and those memories will be with you for a lifetime.  And you spend time in some of the most beautiful settings.

chipo putt

Tee It UP!

COURSE WE PLAYED  - THIS SEASON  - AND RECOMMEND!     Save this for reference!

Chippewa  /  Firestone 9 Bunker Hill  /  Valleaire  /  Chenowith / Goodpark  / Pleasant Valley / Royal Crest Hilliard Lakes  /  Ironwood / Hinckley Hills  / BriarwoodThunderbird Hills North and South Hickory Nut / Mallard Creek  / Sugarbush  / Sable Creek / Cossett Creek / Copper TopRaccoon Hill / Fox Den / Boulder Creek

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