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WYNN - Rediscovering Mapleside Farms!

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When I was a kid, we used to drive out to Mapleside Farms in Brunswick and get apples in a white paper bag, or maybe some cider.  In those days it was kind of way out there, and it felt like a drive to the country. Things change.

Swig 'O Cider - Fantastic!

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Now, Mapleside is still in the same place, but nothing else is.  Of course that area really built up over the years, but Mapleside is still an incredible place.  Windy and I went out there the other day and it was great!  It had been a couple years since I had been there, and there have been some changes.  But at it's heart, Mapleside is still the same. Great place, great setting and a great feeling when you're there.  You can take your family there on the weekends and have the best time this fall.  Check their website!

My First Ever Hayride!

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We took a hayride, and walked the grounds on a beautiful day. Music, sun and a slide ride, and a sip of cider too.  We did some shopping, made a memory or two and vowed we would be back sooner than later. We love places like this. Depending on when you go, and who you go with, you can have any kind of time you want to have!  We went to Szalays a few weeks ago and had a great time there too.   Then we had an ice cream and called it a day. 

Mapleside in Brunswick.  And the best part is?  They still sell apples in a white paper bag!

Mapleside Website

Mapleside Facebook

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