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WYNN - It's Pizza Week! - Favs??

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Hey, as far as I'm concerned we can have National Pizza Week every week, but since someone brilliant set aside this week in January as the official week, let's talk pie!

My friend and partner, Sarah Kay asked me this morning off the air, where some of my favorite pizza was, and I went with Blasiole's in Streetsboro.  It is simply delicious!  Being honest, I have not tried every pizza place in the greater metro area, (has anyone??)  but I have had a bunch, and there's, to me is delicious.  I think that's the fun part of the pizza discussion. To me, great pizza places are the ones that are regional and have their loyal fan bases.  It's fun to talk about your favorite place and compare notes with your friends and co-workers. That's how you learn about new places you haven't tried yet! 

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And there is no wrong answer. Pizza is a subjective thing, and we all have our certain likes and tastes.  Even the big boys have their fans, and that's fine too. I simply like pizza.  And during this strange time we have been living through, pizza places have done pretty well.  Pizza can be delivered hot and fresh - they seem to have that down.  Pizza is delicious, and it's one of the few things on earth we can all still agree on, it is a great unifier!

Blasiole's Pizza And Eatery on Rt. 43 in Streetsboro is fantastic.  They serve a GREAT pizza and they some other amazing food as well.  But for the sake of this writing, and this week, we focus on pizza.  I moved to Streetsboro over a year ago, and I told Windy, I gotta find a great pizza joint, as I view it as an essential service, and she suggested Blasiole's.  And that was good advice.  We all seem to gravitate towards the place in our own hoods, and that's the way it should be.

No matter who yours is, please support your local, or national pizza place or joint this week, and every week.  Where we get it from, can be a spirited discussion, and that's fine too.

Grab a slice! 

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