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WYNN - Song Of The Week - That's My Boy

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Sometimes songs come out that evoke an immediate response.  That's the new song by Elvie Shane, That's My Boy. This is a very nice song about a man who is a stepfather to a young son, and see's him as his own absolute.  This song has a real nice feel to it, and makes the case that there are nice guys out there, and that's a good thing.

This song speaks to so many listeners in so many ways.  First, if you are in his position, you relate.  If you were raised by a great step parent, you relate and if you are thankful for the second parents in your life no matter the circumstances, this song speaks to you. We have had these songs before in country, but this may be the most heartfelt yet. This song always spawns texts when we play it, and that's the mark of a powerful song.

This is straight forward, honest, emotional and I think right on time for a nice song. If you have not heard this song yet on WQMX, take a listen right here with a coffee.   I hope this does well, there is always room for a song that makes you feel good.  And this one certainly does.


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