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WYNN - SONG OF THE WEEK - Give Heaven Some Hell

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We did a charity show with Hardy a year or two ago at Tangier,  I was able to talk with him at length backstage before showtime.  It was fun to share stories and I had an easy conversation with a very nice, new unassuming star.  Sarah and I also talked with him over the phone on the show last week, and it's great to catch up with such a regular guy.  But there is nothing regular about his talent.

Things have gone very well for him since that night and that's great to see. Hardy is a remarkably gifted songwriter and this is  - a remarkable song.  He's written a ton of great songs already for himself and others in his young career. If you have not heard this yet, I'm not going into detail about the subject matter of this song, because after you watch this video it will be self explanatory why this song will resonate with virtually everyone.

But that is the strength of ANY Hardy song.  He writes and records real songs, about real people, in real situations, in real life.  This will hit a whole lot of people in the perfect way.  Hardy is on his way!  He's just flat out likable!

Grab a coffee and catch this - The Song Of The Week!


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