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Rollin' Down the Street...

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He actually did it. I mean, I had to wipe my eyes when I saw the headline. Hardy's take on the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre song "Gin and Juice" just dropped this past evening. 

Eric Matthews, nights on WQMX, wrote about this too sharing in my excitement. He was on the topic before the song dropped, so for your convenience here I am coming in to follow up with the song itself, below. Some of the non-country songs we've heard covered or adapted upon lately haven't exactly hit home with me, but I'm digging this one for certain! 

 Since the song is quite explicit, instead of the video itself, here's a link to it for you to listen to at your own discretion: 

Now, what do you think about this newest release from Hardy? 

We always love talking new music, and if you'd like to chat about this song or any others feel free to give a ring on the WQMX studio line at 330-370-2000. Our textline (sponsored by Toth Buck GMC), at the same number, is always open for you too! 

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