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I went to the Playhouse Square this past weekend and saw Stomp! It was a real fun time. 

My uncle Dave had the idea to go, and I'm glad we did. I was on the fence about the show at first, honestly. I'm not much into theatre; I'd generally rather see even some no-name concert than most any play or musical. Stomp! was cool, though. 

I went with my uncle, my cousin, her boyfriend, and my fiancée. We had a full car. 

The venue is stunning, and I felt slightly underdressed for the event. I don't think there was a bad seat in the house, but we had a great view of the action from the middle center of the lower level. That was perfect aside from when I had to shimmy by ten-plus people midway through the show for a bathroom break. (For some reason, I was under the impression that there would be an intermission. I would've gone before the show had I known it would run nearly two hours long uninterrupted.) 

I'm no critic of any sorts, so here there will be no formal review or analysis of Stomp! There's already plenty of those out there that do a better job at that than I, especially with the legacy the show holds. If you're totally unfamiliar, it's basically just a small group of percussionists playing a multitude of non-traditional instruments with a heavy emphasis on rhythm and beat. They play on trash cans and with weird tube-like noise makers and all sorts of stuff, often using typical drumsticks. There are no words spoken or sung, but it maintains a theatrical feel with synchronized dancing and clear-cut characters. It's largely about the sounds and noises, ultimately. 

I had a great time at Stomp! and I want to give a big thank you to my uncle Dave for putting it all together, taking Mackenzie and I to the show. I really enjoy making memories as such, and this past Friday will be looked back upon fondly. 

Time to plan for our next adventure!

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