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WYNN - SONG OF THE WEEK! - Best Thing Since Backroads

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Jake Owen has always been a favorite of mine for many reasons.  His big voice and really great song selection plus he puts on a real good show.  But he is a very interesting artist too. Yes, in my view he is a traditionalist by today's standards but doesn't really look the part with his relaxed image. But he IS country.   He has recorded some of my very favorite songs over the past number of years.

This is a real nice song that is extremely catchy and gets in your brain quickly as most hit songs do. It also sounds like a "Jake Owen" song, where at the same time does not sound like every other Jake Owen songs.  I love songs that are celebratory of the country lifestyle without being an actual "list" song, which are overdone.  This also has a comtempory flair to it, I realy like.

Jake is traditional with thump, a real beat. Well done!

Sit back, grab a coffee and catch this new Jake Owen song!


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