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WYNN - NFL Schedule - We Can Now Get On With Our Lives!

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Well the weekend is here and THURSDAY on Prime Time TV, the NFL finally announced their entire 2022 football schedule including the Browns.

They had leaked bits and pieces all week, and made a big deal about the entire deal, as they do with about everything.  They are masters of that. They can create a real thirst with fans with about anything they see fit.  And the public just eats it up. This amazing marketing is one of the absolute separators the NFL has in contrast to other sports. Think about this, these busy weeks have the following:

NBA Playoffs  -  NHL Playoffs  - MLB on every night - and the PGA is in high gear.  But they all have to get in the back seat yet again as the NFL decided to make announcing their schedule an event!  We have known for many months who the Browns are playing this year, and where.  We just didn't know when. The NFL puts all other sports on the back burner by just making you wait to learn the actual dates of the games.  It also shows you how little many people care about other sports.

I say, who cares?  Well  - I do get it to a degree for those who may travel to a game, as Browns fans are known to be some of the most traveled in the league, especially to warm weather cities. So it's nice to be able to plan.  But laying that aside, you're playing 17 games and you get around to playing everyone on your list eventually. But for many, things like this are a very big deal.  And now it's out there for all the amateur experts to break it down for us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what it all means.  Oh, happy day.

So thanks to the NFL we can all resume our daily lives.

Browns Official 2022 Schedule

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