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WYNN - I Admit, This Is Pretty Cool!

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SW small Logo When I was a little kid my favorite toys were Tonka Trucks in the sandbox.  I had them all. The dump truck, crane, car hauler, bulldozer, and cement mixer.  And I supplied the noise for all of them. My mom said she would put me outside in the sandbox with a few of those trucks and I was good to go for hours.  My dad then was also a terminal manager for Roadway and I loved big trucks too.  I remember sitting in a few Ford C Series Tractors on a couple of Saturday mornings in the terminal.  Ford made the C-Series from 1957 - 1990  - (somehow I remember that)

The Ford C-Series was Roadways cab of choice in those days. I even knew the Models and letters of the models then.  I also knew about the big trucks like Kenworth, Peterbuilt, and Mack!  I knew the difference between a conventional truck and a cab-over.  I just loved trucks, probably because my dad knew a lot about them.

Ford C-Series Tractors  -  (Cab-over)


So I loved trucks, and still do. Then I ran across this article about REALLY BIG THINGS we used to make and almost no one ever really knew about them.  So, if you love big trucks, you need to check this out


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