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WYNN - BASEBALL - This Judge May Change A Lot Of Things

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Aaron Judge of the Yankees is having a great season, no doubt.  The national media is all goo-goo eyed over his home runs and that's to be expected.  He's in New York, a Yankee and a nice guy.  This would be far more ho-hum if this was in Kansas City, or St. Louis, just ask Albert Pujols, who, oh my the way, just hit number 702 with the Cardinals!  (Only 12 behind Babe Ruth). Judge only has to hit bout 500 more to get there.  Sorry about the reality here.  To me, right now, the possible triple crown is a more amazing feat for Judge that is brutally hard to do. But homers are sexy.

But the homers will come into play in the months ahead.  Judge is going to end up with about the sixth best home run season ever.  He will not hold the record, by a mile.  That's fact again. I know the media would leave you to believe differently, but that's the truth.  He will set an American League mark, and that's great. But Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa all will have marks far beyond Judges, all in the National League.  And that's where it gets very interesting.

Aaron Judge was about six when those guys and tons of other hitters and pitchers were more than likely loaded up with steroids and breaking decades old records on the regular.  So far, MLB has not put these guys in the Hall Of Fame, but they do recognize the numbers as of today as records, both hitting and pitching.  When Judge hits 62 that may all change.  MLB would love to recognize a legit home run record that eclipsed Roger Maris' 61 in 1961. It would end years of asterisks and "what if's."   They would also love a Yankee to again be the record holder.

Judge's feat may start a movement to erase all of those "records"  for anyone who did, or was thought to be on roids in that era, and that for baseball purists may be very welcome. They may find some new formula that would adjust the numbers to reflect a new numbers "reality."   If so, it would give Aaron Judge the single season mark and also restore Hank Aaron to the All-time home run mark of 755.

It will be interesting to watch if this begins to happen. 

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