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WYNN - BROWNS - They Don't Know They're Not Winning

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The Browns had a press conference last week and we've all either heard the clips, watched, or listened to what the coach and the higher ups had to say.  And as I listened with you, it seems it's more of the same, and then some.

The problems with the Browns are far beyond the players on the field.  The Browns have some very nice players on this team who are as good as any in the NFL.  And there are some pieces to build on going forward, but as good or as bad as they are, they are not the main problem with the Browns. The bulk of the problem with the Browns are the ones in charge of those players.  The higher ups, including their coach are living in a denial state with this team.  To hear them talk it would seem we are right there, ready to be a big winner, a few tweaks and all is great!  Then one thing jumped out at me - they don't know, or refuse to believe  - they are not winning.

The sheer amount of double talk and flowery words is simply incredible.  The past two seasons have been an exercise in underachieving and non-accountability.  And the majority of it has to be laid at the feet of the "smartest people on earth."  The ongoing decisions off the field are really catching up with the Browns.   Have you watched many of these playoff teams this week?  It seems they are playing in a different league than us. And they are.  Faster, stronger, smarter and just better overall. 

The last few drafts have been overall lousy, and the next couple drafts have been heavily compromised for Deshaun Watson.  The commitment to overrated veteran players other franchises let go with big money here has revealed few benefits.  The teams decision to play a certain type of football on both sides of the ball is well into question.  Analytics are being used on big time game day decisions that are costing this team a few games a year.  In short, this team seems to be far more bent on being right, than being successful.

Kevin Stefanski is more than likely on the hottest seat imaginable for next season. The brass sold the owner on the Watson thing so much, I feel it is believed in the Berea building that he will fix all the ills.  He won't.  And if the Browns are off to a bad start next season, that may be all for Stefanski.  The Browns also have to understand the fan base doesn't buy this whole disingenuous act they stage. They're not honest with fans, themselves or reality and think we are too stupid to notice.  Love him or hate him, Mike Tomlin is straight forward, honest and you know where he stands, where the Steelers stand, and what their reality is. 

To fix what's on the field, the Browns first have to fix what's off the field. Accountability, honesty, and the guts to do things differently.  If they fail or are unwilling to do that, then it will be more of the same next year and stand by for 7-8 wins.  When that part of this organization is adjusted it will lend itself to better decisions on players drafted, chosen, signed, committed to and the correct schemes to place them in on all sides of the ball. 

Buy the front office a mirror, look into it, and understand that you -  through your own denial, are not winning.

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