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Megan Moroney  - Tennessee Orange

Every now and again a nice song comes out that goes in a very different direction and that always captures my attention.  In a time where there is angst in a lot of songs in various of formats, not just ours, it's nice to hear a song that actually has something nice to say about the significant other in one's life.  By the way, it's OKAY to say nice things about them, and to be happy!  And if that's not your truth, it's important to remember -  you picked them.  There seems to be an ongoing race to write the next "angry anthem" and this is a nice change.

This song is a phone call to her family that states she supports her new beau by wearing Tennessee Orange for him as he cheers for Volunteer football, but she is clearly a Georgia football fan at heart.  Showing support for anyone is a good thing too.  Plus, this is a real country song and I respect that as well.  It's heartfelt, delivered honestly, and for me, this song has the right idea.

Refreshing - Well done! 

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