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WYNN - #37 - Up To Heaven – Reba McEntire - 1980

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SW small Logo There are many reasons songs are important and why they make this list.  Reba was the number one female in country music for many years without any question.  She of course went on to superstardom that she still enjoys today.  Dozens of big country songs, tons of awards, TV shows, emcee work, stage, movies, concerts, singing at the Superbowl, and pop culture icon.  And it was all made possible by this little love song from 1980.  This song delivered Reba McEntire to us, even though this song only peaked at #8 on the charts.  It was her first real hit that got her noticed after a series of mis-fires for a few years, this one broke through.  Her first number one song would come a year or two later, (Can't Even Get The Blues) and then she was on her way.  Hard to think that she had released about 10 singles before this on various labels and albums since 1976.  Of course Reba had many songs after this that were far bigger hits, but this is the song that changed everything.  In short order, Reba would pass the other big stars of the day and emerge as a superstar, and it all can be walked right back to this little song that brought huge fame.

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