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If My Heart Had Wings  - Faith Hill  - 2001   (Album - Breathe)

The Breathe album for Faith was a big hit and sold a ton. The title song was huge, selling millions and became a real romantic favorite for many during its run.  As great of a song as it was and is, this is the song I really loved from this album.  Faith had pivoted greatly in the late 90's from a traditional country sound to a far more poppy country sound.  She was not alone in that and had great success, introducing herself and country to a whole new batch of fans.  Faith Hill was very influential to many up and comers in country, as she had it all.  Great country songs, great pop songs, big exposure, very successful tours with her husband Tim McGraw, and enviable style and beauty.  I feel she inspired many young women to pursue their dreams in hoping they might be next.  This album was about the zenith of her run.  True the Cry album was very successful, as was Fireflies, I feel many fell in love with Breathe and it remains many fans favorite.  You have no problem hearing the song Breathe these days in country and pop stations libraries, but this not as much.  This is a terrific song.  It has that feeling from the first note that this is a hit song.  Enjoy!

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