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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox - L-89

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Five Minutes  - Lorrie Morgan - 1989 - (Album - Leave The Light On)

SW small Logo With Lorrie Morgan in town Friday for a concert, thought we would look back at this really great song. During her run, Morgan was very versatile and this shows just how much so.  This was early on and really showed some chops and teeth. Later on there were big ballads like Something In Red, but this is the Lorrie Morgan that I really liked. A bit of sass, a bit of attitude with a very big voice.  It also is straight forward and honest but not scolding or alienating to anyone.  That was the signature of the music of this era, it was honest without being angry or revengeful.  Morgans career run in my view was way too short, as I loved her voice and many of her song choices.  But again, not all that come to Nashville are promised a 20 year run, and this is another case that proves positive.  But this is a GREAT song and a big hit.

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