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Garth - It's A Thing Now!

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This Garth Brooks thing is far more than a contest.  It's a thing now.  I think most understand, although may be living in denial, that the Dusty holds about 700 people.  And clearly, there are more than that who want to go. Buy a  LOT! 

But that is all the more reason to try to win your way in.  We have a ton of ways to possibly win, and you can take advantage of all of them. This has a buzz running through the radio station, and the area in general.  People are excited.  YOU are excited, and that's great.  I love this kind of stuff!!  And much like the fact that the Morning Show has been nominated for many ACM and CMA awards, there are only a few stations ON EARTH that can say that Garth has chosen their area to put on a huge show, at their favorite local bar.

So enjoy this. Have fun with this. Come on in!  Feel good for those who win, and keep on trying.  Call, text, register.  Do whatever you can to try to make this dream come true, we will be here having fun with you and hoping for you all the way!  It's just a few more days!

Like I always say, "Someone's gonna win, it might as well be you...."

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