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MOVIE PREVIEWS - New Christmas Day!

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This looks amazing!  This movie is the story of two soldiers in WWI that have to essentially take a suicide military mission trip, on foot, to save the lives of about 2,000 soldiers. This is filmed in a magnificent new way that will make this very compelling as we go back to about the worst place on earth in 1917.



This is up for a ton of awards already and there will be more on the way. This could be the movie of the year.


Just Mercy

Another movie being talked about on the awards show circuit.  An all-star cast here as well, in this heavy drama in the south, about legal and racial inequality. This too has gotten some nominations already with more soon coming.  This is also based on a true story.



Not light move watching.


Little Women

The latest adaptation here, will find an audiance and will be a mild hit. Altough, this will find a loyal and dedicated following, I'm not sure this will be a big box office hit.  Strange time of the year for this to be out. Tons of competition and this could get lost in the shuffle.   I would have shot for an early fall release.



Although this is being reviewed quite well.


Spies In Disguise

An aminated flick that looks pretty funny as they lampoon the spy movie genre.


Amimated flicks are always hits at holidays!

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