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Christmas - A Very Dewsweeper Christmas Eve!

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Today is a great day, it's Christmas Eve!  I like this day about as much as any holiday. It's just fun to think about the upcoming 24 hours, and a time to spend time with your best friends.  And Watch  A Christmas Story.....

I admit, I have been blessed with the best friends you can imagine.  The original Dewsweepers, Me, Don, Joe and Tex, have been playing golf on Sunday mornings for many years now.  We seldom miss one, and when someone can't make it there are a few new Dewsweepers that fill in and we have all become great friends. The original four of us, have known each other our entire lives pretty much.  This is a GREAT tradition!

The best friends by far, anyone could have!

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So on Christmas Eve, we all get together for the Dewsweeper lunch, made complete with wives, and friends, and it's a really fun time. There is a small gift exchange, and some other fun games.  The pic above is from last year at the Oak Barrell in Independence, and it was a great time.  We four take turns in planning the event, and last year was my year.  This year Don is the man.

I look forward to this every year as much as any gathering.  All of my best friends on earth in one place at one time that can be.  Our Florida golf friends, Ray and Tim cannot make it, but Don and I will see them in a few weeks for a golf weekend. 

Me, Ray, Tim, and Don last Superbowl Weekend!


This gathering gets me in the spirit as much as anything can at this time of the year. It's a great start to a fun holiday.  I look forward to this, like a kid looks forward to running down the steps on Christmas morning.  I hope you have a tradition that is similar.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends..

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