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WYNN QUOTES - The Guy Next To You

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"The unique mark of a champion, is knowing when it's time to play like one.... "

With Superbowl 54 over this morning there is a new champion in the NFL. Football is not my favorite sport, baseball is -  and golf.  But I do like football for what it is.  It's not the hitting, tackling, passing or even the awful officiating.  It's the most bonding sport there is, and that's what I like most about it by far.

It's the quintessential team game.  No part works without the other part working first.  I can't do my job, till you do yours.  My dad used to tell me when I played, if you play for guy next to you, and not yourself, you'll win a lot of games.  He was right.  Good lesson in life as well.  Football is a game of war, you're all in the same battle, you all have that in common and it's galvanizing.

Teams that become champions get there because they are tightly welded and rise up, when others do not rise as far. Collectively they understand the instant when glory is within reach, and they do what needs to be done. It is an awakening of sorts, an unspoken moment silently understood by all within it, and who are determined to grasp it. Football is unlike baseball, or golf, as you can out-physical the opposition.  In essence, you can want it more by tapping the champion within you that makes it happen. Looking for, and finding it, at the precise and correct moment.

The great ones have it in all sports, Brady, Tiger, Jeter, Gretzky, Jordan.....Kobe.  Truth is we can all be champions in our own lives, if we simply recognize those moments  - when it's time to play like one.

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