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LOCAL CHARITY - Bowl Of Chili?

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This year makes it 30 years now for the Akron Rotary Chili Open, at Hale Farm And Village.  That's a long time for any charity event to go on, and there should be handshakes all the way around.  In the first 29 years, this event has raised about 4 million dollars, and that's impressive.   The guys came in this week to talk about it on our show, and we at WQMX are proud to be a sponsor of this terrific day out.

In conjunction with Wayne Homes, this event, this year, will send about 1,900 kids to the Akron Rotary Camp.  Kids with disabilities will get to go and spend a week there, thanks to your generosity.  So, what is the Chili Open?  Well, extreme golf, on 5 short nine hole golf courses.  Plus there are tons of games, raffles, a chili eating contest and more.

I've played in the open a number of times, and it's a great time.  Golf, (sort of) Whitey's Chili, and plenty to eat and drink from 9-1:30.  This is really fun, and the 30 years speaks for itself.   It's unique, and rewarding to see so many companies and sponsors come together and make this a huge success every year.  If this is your first year, leave the golf bag at home, and bring the old rusty 7-iron. 1 club is all you need.

Sign up here, and get out there this Saturday and support those that are worth suppporting, The Akron Rotary.

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