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MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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Call Of The Wild

Here comes Buck The Dog, from the classic novel. Yes, literature comes to the big screen.  Jack Londons masterpiece of a story stars Harrison Ford and of course, Buck.  They go on an epic adventure together into the "last place on the earth."  If you know the story, you know Buck is worth rooting for!


This looks lke a very nice mid-winter piece that is overdue to be told.   I can't wait to see this!


Brahams: The Boy 2

Katie Holmes is here, in the second installment of this franchise.  By watching this preview, you'll see this is not for everyone


This will find an audience. These always do!


Ordinary Love

For the first time in a few winters, Liam Neeson stars in a movie, where he is not killing a ton of people with some  special skills at 60.  This is a love story of an older couple and thier battle with cancer. This looks very powerful and close to the bone.


Small movie, small results, but looks very poignant.

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