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WYNN QUOTES - We Get There Better

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QUOTE  -   "The Right Thing Usually Happens....."

People close to me know I say this a lot, and I pray it's received as it is intended.  I don't mean it as cliche', or preachy,  it just resonates with me.  I am also not saying this is fact, just what I feel.

Social Media has been one of the great learning tools I have ever seen. Much is to be learned by those around us. We all read our feed daily where we see extreme views, opinions, feelings, and rants. For the most part we digest them, and move on. But we all have those we follow that we may know well, or not, that seem to have a recurring theme of sadness, or anger, negativity, or the most prevalent that I see, holding on to a hurt.  Heck, some of us have those people in real life too, without the screen and keyboard.

I am for the most part, an optimist.  I feel that time automatically instills that in us as we get older.  After you live through a whole bunch, you do come to the conclusion slowly that things for the most part work themselves out.  In life we get hurt, we also supply the hurt sometimes.  We have decisions made for us, and sometimes we make the decisions.  Sometimes we make things happen, and sometimes stuff just happens. 

I do not subscribe to the idea of "this happenes to only me" or "of course it does", "here we go again." or "poor me." Because the truth is you are in charge of who you spend time with, and ultimately what you do, and where you are.  It's not easy sometimes to come to the finding that you are the common denominator in all that you do.  When you accept that, you can then look clearly out life's picture window, and not it's porthole.

Then flash forward and look at things realistically.  Most of us end up where we are supposed to be, and with who we are supposed to be with.  That's not to say that the road is easy getting there, because it's not.  Even the best roads have ups and downs, tricky curves, and challenging parts that bring out parts of us we didn't know was within us.  But that's all a part of the climb, that is our lives. 

And when we look back down the road we left behind, we then realize we don't just get there, we usually get there better.

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