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WYNN - If It Were Only True

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I saw something that said today, July 28th was Hamburger Day.   I fact checked it, after the spot of controversy we had on the show about National Hot Dog Day.  I was sad to learn, that Hamburger Day is May 28, not July 28.  In fact, it's not even Hamburger Month!  That too is May!

But be that as it may, I think that having a burger today is fine. In fact, upon further review, hamburgers are a food I could eat every day. EVERY day.  Easily one of the best foods on earth.  And hot dogs are not far behind!

So lets eat a burger today, and call it even.  And lets get ready for NEXT years Hamburger Day, which is a Friday to boot.  Friday, May 28th 2028.  I am so in!

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