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WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Desert Island Albums Part 1

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There are many things to write about as far as Country Music Memories are concerned. Last week we looked at some incredible duets (CLICK TO READ) and we will do more of those in weeks ahead.  This week, we will look at Desert Island Country Albums.  The ones you would choose if you were marooned on a desert island to listen to, (ALA - Tom Hanks In Castaway).  I'll list some of mine, and I will pick one for each article from each decade starting with 1980, up until 2019, and a Wild Card album which can be from any decade. So each installment, there will be 5 to list. I'll do four parts, so 20 should about cover it. 

If your favorite doesn't make the list this week, chances are it will make future lists on this subject, so let's have some fun.

Desert Island Country Island Albums - Part 1

The 1980's  (1981)  Earl Thomas Conley - Fire And Smoke

This album in my view, is one of the most pivotal albums in Country's shift from an older set of country stars, sound and image. ETC was different, but that didn't turn anyone off, in fact, he opened minds, ears and eyes.  It was his first album on a major lable (RCA). This ten song collection is incredible, each song being very strong, and boasted 4 big hits plus 6 fantastic album cuts, and both were unusual for the time. It was forward sounding, with a slick band and different kind of production.  It was traditional, yet contemporary, with a new way of doing things. He also was a new breed as he wrote the entire album as he was an incredible songwriter.  I think this album sent a message that new country was coming as it was very different than what was on the radio at that time.  Fire And Smoke, Song Of The Year 1981  It was soon to be a new day.  (Earl Thomas Conley Article I Wrote)

Singles -  Silent Treatment #7  /  Fire And Smoke #1 /  Tell Me Why #10 / After The Love Slips Away #16

Tell My Why - Third Hit Off This Album  (Read YouTube Comments)


The 1990's  (1997)  Tim McGraw - Everywhere

This is just flat out great stuff.  This is one of the very best albums, of any format, anywhere over the past 25 years.  Everywhere is an upper deck grand slam home run from the first song to the last. It was, and is the crown jewel of his incredible career.  There were great albums from him before this, and of course great albums after, but this is beyond sensational.  Again, this ten song album threw out 6 hits, 4 of them #1's.  Two of the hits spending 6 weeks at number one. This is a once in a lifetime kind of deal where an album is so good, and universally loved by fans. What a gem for music in general. Any artist  - recording any kind of music would love to record an album this good, focused, and on point.

Singles  - It's Your Love #1 (6weeks)  /  Everywhere #1  /  Just To See You Smile #1 (6weeks) /  One Of These Days #2 /   Where The Green Grass Grows #1  / For A Little While #2

Just To See You Smile  - 6 Weeks Number One!  What A Smash!


2000 - 2009 (2002)   Kenny Chesney  - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

Kenny Chesney has a ton of great albums, but this from 2002, was the first that showcased the island vibe that he became synonymous with.  Chesney had been on the charts since 1995 with the song, Fall In Love, and had been a solid act and consistent hit maker.  But this album changed a lot of things. After this, he seemed to record with a lot more confidence and had a better level of success.  He found his footing and launched a new direction. This fantastic album has 5 big hits, including a #1 with The Good Stuff, which won song of the year, and deserved it.  This set the stage for the wildly successful, When The Sun Goes Down album two years later. But this album to me is the best mix of who Chesney was, and who he was becoming in the years ahead.

Singles - Young  #2  /  The Good Stuff #1  / A Lot Of Things Different #6  /  Big Star #2  / No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems #2

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems - Changed A Lot Of Things For Chesney


2010 - 2019 - (2016)  Maren Morris - Hero

When Maren Morris came to the WQMX Studios a few years ago and was on our morning show, there was no doubt she was loaded with talent. This album is really great, and even though the chart numbers aren't mind blowing, the sales numbers are and so is the enthusiasm for her as a person, and her music.  She burst on the scene and was different. Her songs have a real punch and a powerful underneathe. I love her bold and determined singing style and use of vocals in a whole new way. This album was on the charts a long time with 4 singles and a number one.  It introduced us to a new star that was to become exceedingly popular with her fans on and off the stage. This is a very well done album, and will be a fan favorite for years to come.  Awards, and accolades, she is a star.

Singles  -  My Church #5  /  80's Mercedes #11  /  I Could Use A Love Song #1  /  Rich #8 

80's Mercedes - Great Song, Very Different, With A Thunderous Beat


Wild Card  -  (1980)  Alabama - My Homes In Alabama

This album helped change everything.  It broke through, became a huge hit, and put Nashville on notice that there was a new Marshall in town with a new look and sound. Alabama and Earl Thomas Conley around the same time hit the radio and began to pivot us to a whole new country, but in fairness, it would take a while longer still.  It was new, different and it was from a country "band"  very unusual then. It gave them 4 hit singles, with the last two going to #1.  That was the start of an insane 17 straight number ones and 30 some say 40 overall.  When this album came out, there was no denying that it was new, fresh, young but still traditional.  It set the stage for the incredibly successful Feels So Right album which launched them into superstardom, but this is where it began. There's something about this album I really like, it's natural, unspoiled, and groundbreaking.  They were right on time when we needed a hero.

Singles  - I Wanna Come Over (released 1979) #33  (My favorite Alabama Song) /  My Home's In Alabama #17  /  Tennessee River #1  /  Why Lady Why #1 

Their First Number One!



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