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WYNN - What The Heck Happened to PB & J??

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Being honest this kind of ticks me off!  Also full disclosure, I don't eat a bunch of Peanut Butter and Jelly sammiches anymore, but it's an institution.

Even more disclosure - I DO eat Peanut Butter and Mayo sammiches on occasion as it is delicious!  (Real mayo too, not that Miracle Whip stuff)  Don't judge till you try it. LOL -first open your mind, then your mouth - fantastic!  Let's break it down - Peanut Butter? - Good!  Mayo? - Good!  Bread? - Good!  What's not to like?

But the decline of the classic PB and J is a sad commentary indeed.  We all grew up on them, and they have a special place in our hearts!

What Happened To Peanut Butter And Jelly?

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