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staff tim homeScott Wynn is a Northeast Ohio native and a 42-year morning show host, coming to WQMX 19 years ago. Scott is a 3-time National Award Winning Radio Personality, including a CMA (Country Music Association) in 1997, and a CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters) in 2013. In addition, he is 18-time National Award Radio Nominee. Scott
has a long and consistent great ratings history, and a terrific track record of hosting very successful morning shows around the country.

Scott also has a great record of success for national and local on-air endorsements, fueled by a strong passion for radio, and a deep commitment to clients. Also embracing a deep connection to country music, and station listeners, and events understanding that is where all great shows and stations begin. Scott is a fixture at Blossom Music Center serving as a stage emcee at Major Country concerts. Scott is also an avid station blogger, writing extensively for the very successful WQMX Website (

Thursday, 20 June 2019 01:29

TBT - When The Earth Was Cooling.....

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Social Media has made it fun to look back on Throwback Thursdays and see how we used to be.  It's maybe run its best race, but I think it is cool at times to look back and see a different version of ourselves.   And for some of us, as far back to when the earth was cooling.....   Studios Have Changed In 38 Years! The changes in me, and my career have been many, and…
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 01:22

Missing The Long Shadows

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Still not complaining, just commenting.   But I do miss the long shadows that the sun can cast. There just has not been much sun lately.  Have you found yourself, as I have found myself, in disbelief that it is late June?   It just hasn't felt very June-y.  And thinking back, it didn't feel very May-y either.  Or April-y.  But it is, and we have to think that the best of Summer 2019 is still ahead.…
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 04:37

Man, This Is Getting A Bit Old....

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This is getting a bit old.  I am not one to complain about much of anything, as it generally solves nothing, and I am a results guy.   But this rain is really getting a bit old. I lived through a two and half year drought in Florida when I worked there and I swore then I would not ever go off about rain again. Droughts are terrible.  But this ain't real great either.  And being…
Monday, 17 June 2019 01:57

WYNN QUOTES - Share The Same Air

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“It’s OK To Be Breathless….”   Being breathless or speechless is not always thought to be good, but I feel differently. Since being speechless generally is not a problem for me, (sheesh) let’s defend breathless instead.  There are times we feel breathless.  First, the literal form.  You’re working out, running, jogging, hiking, whatever, doing good for your body and health.  Being breathless is always tough to weather in those moments, but deep, hard to catch…
Thursday, 13 June 2019 01:29

Life is Great - Is That Really Me?

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Fair question. Was I ever this young? Ran across this pic a while ago, and I think I was about 11 or so.  My sister took this pic for a senior photography class in high school. Who that is in the background is a mystery, and so is why I was posing like the Sears catalogue kid.  Why was I wearing a collared shirt while playing football too?  Times have changed, and so have I…
Wednesday, 12 June 2019 01:23


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Last Friday I played in the Junior Achievement Golf Outing at the terrific Chenoweth Golf Course in Akron and it was a great time!  I know, playing golf is fun, and spending the day with workmates on the course, eating good food and the rest of it doesn't sound like tough duty, and it's not. But there is something good about supporting people that are worth supporting and Junior Achievement is one of those groups.…
Monday, 10 June 2019 04:44

WYNN QUOTES - It's Raining Again...

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“Rain all you want on my old house, as the roof is new” It’s raining today on my old house, and I’m fine with it.  I have a new roof,  and the rain finds a place away from me and runs off like a snow melted stream in the Rockies.   I believe rain gets us all thinking.  At the place in life we all are, we have all been rained on a few times in…
Thursday, 06 June 2019 04:37

It's EATING Season!

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Yesterday on the show we had a lot of fun with this.  Someone actually calculated that on Memorial Day itself, 818 hot dogs were eaten EVERY SECOND!  Got us thinking, about the big eaters in our lives. The three of us all love to eat. - And we don't run from that! So we opened up our phone and text lines to tons responses that made us laugh. One guy ate 11 dogs at a…
Wednesday, 05 June 2019 01:58

One Of The Best Parts - Pet Expo

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One of the best parts of my job, or any job, is when you do right.  Over the weekend was our 18th annual WQMX Pet Expo.  I work this event every year in conjunction with lots of amazing sponsors and it's one of my favorites. HUGE Thanks to our amazing team at Rubber City Radio -  They made this event run great! Lots of work! With a goal of adopting out as many animals as…
Tuesday, 11 June 2019 01:30

I Never Stop Learning - Habitat For Humanity

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I am very proud to say over the next few weeks I'll be telling you about all the incredible things that Habitat For Humanity Of Summit County does for us on the air on WQMX. I have been associated with them for a number of years as the Honorary Chair for the Annual Golf Outing (that you can play in and/or sponsor if you want to register) and I am proud of that.  But when I…
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