Friday, 10 May 2024 02:34

Eeeyaaiiiits been...

Written by week since I got my Hank! 

You see what I'm going for there? You know that Barenaked Ladies song? 

I'm corny, I know! 

Really, it has been one week since I've brought home my bloodhound puppy, Hank. I love him, and he's doing great! It's been a totally new experience for me to take on such a responsibility, and I think I'm doing alright. 

Hank is definitely a little ball of energy, and I can hardly keep up! Although he's pretty much always got someone at home with him, we're learning a little break within his crate can be a good thing, mutually. He calms down quickly, and I can secure a powernap. Aside from that, we do everything together.

Hank's been running errands with me and melting hearts along the way. He's a good boy in the car, but he's not great at shifting gears. He sure tries! I said, "Hank, you're going to make me go back to an automatic, huh?" Dude just wants to get all up in my business and I only have so many hands. One stays on the wheel, then one is split between his squirely butt and my shift knob. His leash buckles into the seatbelt, though, so at least I don't have to worry about him trying to exit the vehicle. 

Potty-training is going well, for the most part. He's still having some accidents, but he's learning! We're still nailing down what schedule works best for him when it comes to food and water and going outside. Prior to Hank, outside of work, my life was pretty spontaneous. I'm adjusting. 

That's about it. We had to pull a tick off of him yesterday, and that wasn't fun for anyone. Oh, and he is still not loving the leash taking walks. 

We'll get there! 

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