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Many have asked when I would feature Trisha Yearwood.  Well, it's today, and the asking is no surprise to me. In my decades of being on the radio in this format, few artists were instantly as loved as Trisha because of her terrific debut song, She's In Love With The Boy.  Fans loved that song, and her, from the first time they heard it.  I have proudly played her songs since her beginning.

What A Debut Song!  #1


TY had a great chart run in the 1990's and beyond recording one great song after another, and we'll talk about that of course. She sold about 15 million albums, plus a impressive 58 award nominations and 10 wins. But her incredible gift to us was a voice that was clean, pure, respected and sought after. There are few singers anywhere with her versatility.  She's comparable, and is reminiscent of the legendary Linda Ronstadt who could sing everything extraordinarily. You see with Trisha, as with Linda, it's not about number ones, or awards, it's about talent  -  and hers is absolute.

This Song Is Universally Loved  (With Don Henley)


Trisha Yearwood has my unending respect for every reason. First, she respects the song.  She never tries to outshine the song, as she knows the song is the star.  She never over sings any song, from XXX's And OOO's to the National Anthem. She knows exactly where the notes are, finds them, hits them with confidence and power the first time, and moves on the the next note as crisply as anyone can as there is no fumbling around.  She's always chosen songs well suited for her, and from the very first note of the very first song I ever heard her sing, I felt like I was listening to a real grownup.  She's a talent you don't see very often in any format, and she understands something that's a real separator  -  louder is not better - better is better.

Incredible Song - And Performance


She was an employee at the now gone MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Records in Nashville in the late 80's, and eventually became a very successful backup and demo singer.  She sang on Garth's, No Fences album  - and all of this led to her own deal and hitting the road as the opening act for Garth on his tour in 1991. That year her first album came out, and sold a few million and had great success on the chart and the radio.

My Favorite Trisha Song!  #1  


Over the next 20 years or so she not only recorded a ton of albums which are all great, she immersed herself in literally countless albums and projects with so many artists it's hard to keep up. Many from country, and many not, as her skill, talent and versatility made her one of the most pursued singers in the world.  Chances are, if you name someone famous from the music world, she has sung with them. I mean, who would not want to sing with Trisha Yearwood?

Flat Out GREAT Song  #1


Yearwood was on the TV show, JAG, plus she has her own TV cooking show, and has a long history of philanthropy anyone would be proud of.  Because of her immense talent and appeal, she is an international star, with followings in many countries as she has traveled singing with everyone in about every major venue.  And of course, you know she has been Garth's wife since 2005, and routinely tours with him.

From The Movie Con Air  - Theme  #2


I have seen Yearwood many times, the last was in the Theater District in Cleveland a couple years ago, and she was amazing. Her voice and show still very compelling and hearing her in one of those acoustically perfect theaters was a real treat. I have interviewed her many times, always a total pro, and has a lot of great things to say and says them well while really engaging with you.  In short, she is a pleasure to work with.  When you see her backstage and talk, even for a short while, she leaves you with the feeling that's someone you want to know.

I Love Everything About This Song  #1


I feel the 1990's was the best decade overall in country history, and an incredible decade for women in country.  Women possessing enviable and undeniable talent and success. Of course Shania with her run.  The passionate voice of Pam Tillis, the perfect pitch, angelic sounding Suzi Bogguss, the amazing Reba, and the straight forward country of Terri Clark.  The energy of Jo DEE Messina, the gifted Faith Hill, the soaring voices of Lee Ann Womack, Martina McBride and LeAnn Rimes too. Kathy Mattea, Mary Chapin Carpenter,  Deanna Carter, The Dixie Chicks, Patty Loveless and Wynonna among others. And Trisha Yearwood was right there with them, making country great. All of them with a long line of hit songs, amazing sales and huge popularity. A truly amazing decade.

With Garth  #2


Trisha Yearwood is a great country singer that is also blessed with an extreme sense of real. I believe every word she sings, and that to me is the mark of a great singer, and it's darn rare.  She brought us much respect in and out of country, and delivered a lot of new fans to our door, especially younger fans early on.  She had a way about her in image that was disarming and approachable that we loved.  She was kind of just like us - only with a beautiful singing voice the rest of us could only imagine having.


With Garth And Trisha Backstage

garth and trisha

Trisha Yearwood is a rare breed of singers. Yeah, those are my words, but ask about every major singing star on earth who's sung with her and they'll say the exact same thing.

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