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Box Office Results -  The Batman  -  (128 million)


WOW - Some AMC Theaters are charging 20 to 30 dollars to see The Batman  (Story) 


New This Week - Tyson's Run / Turning Red (Disney Plus)


Top Two - Batman and Spiderman  - top two movie openings in Pandemic Era  (Story) 


Many - Of the Oscar categories will NOT be shown on the broadcast this year – BORING!  (Story) 


Plus The ACM's - Went all streaming this week, no network broadcast  -  (Related Story)


Raymond Lee - Has been cast as the lead in NBC's reboot of Quantum Leap. The series takes place 30 years after the original, which starred Scott Bakula — who may reprise his role.  (Story) 


The Tampa House - Where Edward Scissorhands was filmed was purchased year and a half ago for $230,000 and it's for sale now  - $700,000  (Story)


LOLOL - Rob Schneider has appeared in the most worst-ranked films. Adam Sandler is second.  


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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