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WYNN - National Dog Week

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SW small Logo  Today is the start of National Dog Week.  I love dogs.  What I really love about dogs are the lessons we can learn from them if we pay enough attention.  They are incredible teachers.

My Husky Juneau is, and has been a great companion for me for 12 years.  She is the dog that many like me have always wanted.  She's a part of the family.  She is fun, she is very talkative, she is emotional and loves to be where the people are.  She is far closer to the end than the beginning now, and requires a bit more attention, work and few meds, but she's still a great friend.


juneau face

She lost her great friend, Kona  (another husky) a few years ago, but she recovered.  She made new friends when I met the beautiful Windy. She LOVES Windy, and the pugs, Luna and Midnight.  They friended each other up quick as you can see.  Juneau is much older than those two, and leads the pack.  The pugs are great dogs too, and I have become big fans, as I have never owned little dogs.  They are wonderful company for our family.  And it's very peaceful at the house when we see the three of them snoozing in the same room.

Luna -  Loves Her Stuffed Llama  (So fun)

luna llama

What dogs do is amazing. My mom's dog Summer was great company for my mom until Summer died.  My mom was very old (92), and losing her health and memory, and Summer sensed a change and became even better company as her, and my moms days dwindled down to a precious few.  I am thankful to Summer for that.  Summer could be difficult at times, but she was razor sharp and smart, and was a good dog for my mom for many years.

Midnight -  Same

mid llama

You see the dog/human thing goes back about 25,000 years as legend goes.  Legend says this - One day all those years ago a starving human and a hungry dog ran across each other in the woods.  They each thought about eating each other, until they came to an agreement. They would hunt and eat together.  And the rest is history as we have been best friends ever since.

Is that true?  Who cares?  It's a nice allegorical story if it's not, and fantastic if it is.

Love your dog, happy week to all!

junea cover


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