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WYNN - BROWNS - What We Don't Have

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SW small Logo Insanely awful loss yesterday.  Simply unacceptable. I have said all summer long this team has a lot of question marks and problems.  Today local and national media should be fun to listen to.  The locals think we are the greatest team of all time, and the nationals don't.  Social media has been fun all summer long with many saying we will be 14-3 and others saying we will win 6 games.  Who knows?  Vegas says about 8, may be about right.

Maybe the Browns and media should quit talking about how great things will be after week 11. Or how great it's going to be when Myles Garrett breaks the team sacks record, or gets Defensive Player of the Year. (Good lord  - who cares?)  Or how great many of these average players they extended in the off season really are.  

Fact is, I am NOT down on the Browns, but I am willing to look at them honestly and admit, we are not in the upper crust of the NFL - Not yet anyway, but it's a long season.  And I DO know this team has issues.  We all know what they do well, and who does it well, this team has some great players, a few are the NFL's best at what they do.  But today we will look at what we DON'T have.  (No order)

We don't have a coach that is outwardly demanding of players.  You need to adjust coach, your clock is ticking.

We don't have a coach that is emotional and the team reflects it.  You can be too laid back.

We don't have an owner that makes the organization as a whole want to be better.

We don't have a lot of real NFL experience at many vital position groups.

We don't have the ability to not overpay some players that numerous other teams won't.

We don't have many big draft picks in the next few years.

We don't have an experienced backup QB right now if this thing goes wrong.

We don't have access to a QB they paid a quarter of a billion dollars to for good long while.

We don't have a real leader on defense. The guy who WON'T let you lose.  It's starting to show.

We don't have a star defender who makes game changing plays when you need a big play made at games end.

We don't have good special teams - period.

We don't really have the ability to make massive comebacks if needed with the current QB situation.

We don't have receivers that make really big plays after the catch.

We don't have a star tight end either, we have expensive ones.

We don't have a killer instinct.

We don't have a real home field advantage like some teams - Try beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

We don't know how to handle good fortune.

I have been worried about these things all off season.  The truth is the Browns spent much of the off season focusing, out of a necessity of their own making, on many things except the football challenge at hand.  The thought was a star QB would solve problems, but he won't. Yes, he will solve a few issues on offense, more than likely in 2023.

These are some of the issues the Browns need to somehow address right now as Sunday was pathetic. And we won opening week on a wing and prayer.  If this team is really as good as many say, both should have been slam dunks, as so far we have faced teams that are not very good.  Steelers this week, then the schedule gets tougher.  

Time to wake up, face the issues and get to work.  

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