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WYNN - #44 - I Cross My Heart - George Strait - 1993

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SW small Logo It should be no surprise that George Strait is on this list, and he will return again a few times as he's one of the biggest stars we've ever had. This makes the list as it's one of his most loved songs and was in the movie, Pure Country which marked his acting debut as well.  That's what makes this so important, as George ventured into acting and made a splash on the big screen and we all saw him as we had never seen him before.  Strait has some 60 #1 songs, but this song struck people deep as it's just an honest, straight forward love song that tells it like it is.  The way of his career was very interesting.  He would have a bunch of big songs and #1 hits, and THEN a huge song like this that was seemingly asking for a position higher than #1.  That pattern went on for about 30 years.  This is loved, quoted and was a big wedding song for a lot of the 90's.  And today if you would ask most fans what are their 5 favorite Strait songs, this would be on most lists.  #1 of course, sold millions and made Strait many new fans and made the older ones happy yet again. This was George Strait in his real prime in every way, what a Mega Star!

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