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MOVIE REVIEW - Pet Sematary

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Pet Sematary is out, and is the most recent rendition of the Stephen King classic book, and this is quite good. 

 PS, is not ridiculously compelling, and this is not going to change cinematic history, but it is fun to see new life put back into great King classics.  This stars Jasen Clark, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz. This is what you would think, scary at times, with a hint of cheese and camp tossed in.  Visually this is quite good, and there is nice use of classic scare tactics, that are predictable, but work all at the same time.  This also has a nice thread that runs through it, that makes you examine your own thoughts on death, and what comes next.  King is great at that!

Seimetz is really great as the terrified mother of two, who is trying to make sense of the supernatural death setting she finds her and her family in. She is the star of this movie. 

If you have never seen this in any form before, this is going to be very intense at times.  If you're a veteran of the book and/or various versions that came before, I feel you may agree, this is the best rendition yet, and by far. 

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